About Becky

Becky is the founder of Hills Performers, and will be leading all the classes.  She is a qualified High School Drama teacher from the UK with a passion for early years education.  Becky set up Hills Performers this year to provide structured classes with educational principles to preschool age children.

Miss Becky: Background

Hills Performers was founded by Becky, an experienced high school Drama teacher and early years tutor. Becky is passionate about building children’s confidence and creativity through role play and dramatic play based activities. She has a patient and energetic style which helps her build a strong rapport with the children, ensuring that they enjoy the lessons and grow in their development.

Originally from the UK, Becky graduated from university in Performing Arts, before starting a career as a Drama teacher.

Becky is a mother of two primary school aged children and her inspiration to create Hills Performers was in realising how both her children, despite being very different, would have benefited from attending such classes.

Before starting school, her son was nervous, shy and struggled with separation anxiety. The classes would have helped increase his confidence by playing different characters, and through structured play improve his interaction with other children.  Her daughter is a natural performer, who would have loved exploring different characters through role play.

Hills Performers will help children develop their confidence and imagination as they learn and play in the vital preschool years.